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Laserium Med Spa has a team of dedicated professionals working to ensure that you have the safest and most throughout experience possible in the clinic. We are always happy to discuss with you any concerns or questions you may have about the services we offer.

Allow us to introduce to you some of our professional staff. Or, if the field of laser hair removal technology interests you, find out more about how you can begin your training for an exciting new career!

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Laserium team includes numerous highly trained individuals. We take our business seriously and strive to keep up to date on every service we provide. Our professionals use the most modern techniques available to ensure that you are safe and happy with the results. We are truly leaders in the field. In 1996, Laserium became the first clinic in North America to acquire the latest in laser technology designed to remove unwanted hair from all skin types, including dark shades that would previously have been ineligible. We want to help YOU achieve the freedom of smoother skin that so many have already discovered.

We are more than just laser hair removal! As well as laser treatment for hair removal, Laserium clinics also offers professionally administered solutions to wrinkles, textural problems and acne, using such services as Botox, glycolic peels, fillers and acne treatments.

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Laser Hair Removal Training Institute in Canada and USA Kira GillLaser Hair Removal Training Institute in Canada and USA Bal Gill

Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Managing Director

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The Laserlight training for laser hair removal provides a thorough break down of all of these procedures required to create and maintain a safe environment during the use of surgical lasers. The training program will provide physicians, nurses, medical assistants, aestheticians, electrologists or other laser system operators with an introductory understanding of both theoretical and practical concepts.

When the laser radiates adipocytes (adipocytes are present in adipose tissue and store energy as fat) the contents of thecells move out of the cell membrane and become liquefied and are easily removed from the blood. The breakdown of fat cells is known as lipolysis.

Training and Instruction includes:

  • Basic laser physics and laser tissue interaction
  • Types of medical and hair removal lasers
  • Laser parameters (wavelength, chromophore, pulse duration, repetition rate, spot size, energy setting) and their effect upon results
  • Photodynamic and flashlamp methods of hair removal
  • Basic hair biology and growth cycles
  • Skin typing, fluence selection, pre and post skincare
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Laser safety issues for the patient and operator
  • Extensive hands-on practice on multiple laser systems
  • Regulatory issues and meeting state requirements
  • Marketing your laser business for success
  • Hands on laser experience
  • Course evaluation tests

To find out if this laser hair removal training could be of use to you of your employees, please write to us, or contact us at

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