Glycolic Peels in Vancouver

What is Glycolic

Glycolic acid is the hydroxy acid (AHA) naturally derived from sugarcane which has been proven to be the most beautifying. Gly Derm is our product of choice and is only distributed in a medically supervised environment. Gly Derm contains high amounts of glycolic acid and are therefore more effective than any over the counter brands.

How Does It Work?

Glycolic acid works by loosening the glue-like substances that hold the layers of skin together. The tight binding of these dead cells makes the layers thick which then results in dry, rough scaling skin. When glycolic acid is applied, this glue becomes loosened and the thickened skin is sloughed away. This process leaves the newly revealed skin with a smoother texture and a healthier appearance. Research has shown that repeated applications of glycolic acid may help prevent re-thickening and thereby control dry skin, acne, age spots and maintain a smooth surface in skin prone to superficial wrinkling and fissuring.

Glycolic Peels in Vancouver Before and After

What are the Effects and Results?

Glycolic acid is useful in improving the texture and the tone of the skin and in many cases, it is used to help even out irregularly pigmented skin. Glycolic acid is also helpful in clearing up acne and cleaning out pores.

Description of Procedure:

Step one is a visit to the physician's clinic once a week for six weeks to have a non-neurilized, in-office facial applied. Step two is to use the gentle Gly Derm cleanser at night followed by the application of a Gly Derm maintenance product. Step three is done in the morning and consists of washing with a Gly Derm cleanser then applying a special Gly Derm moisturizer or Gly Derm Super Sunblock.

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