Laserlight Training Institute and Careers Vancouver

Laserlight Training Institute and Careers Vancouver

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The Laserlight training courses provide a thorough breakdown of all these procedures required to create and maintain a safe environment during the use of surgical lasers. The training program will provide physicians, nurses, medical assistants, aestheticians, electrologists or other laser system operators with an introductory understanding of both theoretical and practical concepts.

Whether you have a medical background or not our institute has something to offer you.

We offer one on one certification as well as group classes. We also offer special discounts for your company, MediSpa, or aesthetic establishment.

Course Details

Laser Hair Removal - 35 Hr. Training Course

Training and Instruction includes:

  • Basic laser physics and laser tissue interaction
  • Types of medical and hair removal lasers
  • Laser parameters (wavelength, chromophore, pulse duration, repetition rate, spot size, energy setting) and their effect upon results
  • Photodynamic and flashlamp methods of hair removal
  • Basic hair biology and growth cycles
  • Skin typing, fluence selection, pre and post skincare
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Laser safety issues for the patient and the operator
  • Extensive hands-on practice on laser systems
  • Regulatory issues and meeting state requirements
  • Marketing your laser business for success
  • Hands-on laser experience
  • Course evaluation tests

Laser Fat Reduction - 25 Hr. Training Course

Training and Instruction includes:

  • What is Cellulite?
  • Benefits of LIPOLaser
  • How it works
  • Law of Bio-Modulation-Intensity of Laser and Medical Application
  • Health Conditions LIPOLaser should not be used for
  • Skin anatomy
  • FAT

Enrollment Fees

Registration Fees - $100 (for each course)

  • The tuition cost of our laser hair removal course = $3,500
  • The tuition cost of our laser fat reduction Course = $2,500
  • Cost of two course package = $4500 (savings - $1500)

Laserlight Affiliate Program

Laserium Med Spa Vancouver has introduced another affiliate program to help you increase and enhance your laser business by totally equipping you with all the marketing materials and tools needed for the purpose. After you are done with the study material and the training courses and you are confident and possess the knowledge to start your new business or build up your existing one, we are here to help you even more by providing you with a line of marketing promotional materials to help promote your business through advertising channels such as the TV, Radio, Newspapers and Websites.

Our whole marketing package consists of:

  • Website affiliates
  • Camera ads for your business
  • Promotional letters
  • Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Radio, Voicemail scripts
  • Patient materials
  • Website pictures
  • Price lists

The two packages we offer are:

  • Professional web page
  • Marketing and promotional written materials
  • Customer referrals from Laserium Med Spa
  • territory Protection
  • Camera ads and videos
  • Referrals from internet
Price$3000.00 (US currency)
Purchase this package onsite$2500.00 (US currency)
  • Professional web page
  • Marketing and promotional written materials
  • Camera ads and videos
Price$1500.00 (US currency)

If you purchase this program onsite with the other training course we will give you the VIP Package for $2500.00

For the STAR Package there are no special options available.

Course Registration Form

Please download and print the registration form. Return completed forms to one of our offices.

Download PDF  Registration Form

Printable course information

Download PDF  Careers and Training Information

Download PDF  Affiliate Program Information

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