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Botox reduces the contractions of the muscles that cause wrinkles around the forehead and eyes. Filler injections help fill in and smooth deep wrinkles, folds, acne scars or enhance the definition and volume of the lips.

Botox Before and After


With our long-pulsed YAG lasers we can help you get rid of leg veins. During the treatment, the larger veins are completely closed and sealed, while smaller ones are effectively dissolved. This prevents the return of blood flow and recurrence of unsightly veins. The YAG passes safely through the melanin barrier of the skinís surface and does not interfere with pigment, enabling successful treatment of any skin type at any time of the year.

Vein Therapy Before and After


We offer physician grade and esthetic grade products for every skin type. The patients are given recommendations on the most effective skin-care products for use at home and they are also taught how to use them. We have an extensive range of medically based skin-care products such as Obagi, Skinceuticals and Juniqua.

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